Table 1

Key features on study design and general characteristics on study population of the included studies (full table in online supplement)

StudyPatientTrimetazidineControlReported outcomes of interest
First authorN (I/C)Incl. criteriaDaily dose (mg)Follow-up (months)Placebo/SoC (HF-therapy)
Bohdan3422/23HFrEF/iCMP2×356Open label (A, B, M)M, H, FC, 6, QoL (MacNew)
van de Bovenkamp2225*HFpEF2×354Placebo (A, B, M)M, FC, 6, QoL (KCCQ)
Bricaud359/11HFrEF/iCMP3×206Placebo (NR)M, FC
Brottier369/11HFrEF/iCMP3×206Placebo (NR)H, FC
Bubnova23691/115iCMP12Open label (A, B, M)H, FC
Cera3717/13HFrEF/iCMP3×206Open label (A, B)FC
Coats2127/24HCM/n-iCMP3×203Placebo (NR)6, QoL (MLWHFQ)
Fedorova2420/24HFrEF/iCMP3×206Open label (A, B)M, FC, QoL (MLWHFQ)
Fragasso3828/27HFrEF3×2012Open label (A, B)M, H, FC, QoL (VAS)
Fragasso612*HFrEF3×203Open label (A, B)FC, QoL (VAS)
Fragasso3925/19HFrEF3×203Open label (A, B)FC, QoL (VAS)
Gunes4051/36HFrEF3×203Open label (A, B, M)FC
Jatain4150/50HFrEF/n-iCMP3×206Open label (A, B)M, H, FC, 6
El-Kady42100/100HFrEF/iCMP3×2024Open label (A)M
Momen4355/53HFrEF/iCMP3×206Placebo (A, B, M)H, FC
Morozova2540/42HFrEF2×353,5Open label (A, B)FC
Di Napoli4430/31HFrEF/iCMP3×2030Open label (A, B, M)M, H, FC, 6
Di Napoli4525/25HFrEF/iCMP3×206Placebo (A, B, M)FC, 6
Qin4641/41n-iCMP3×203Open label (A)FC, QoL (SF-36)
Sedova2635/33n-iCMP2×351Open label (A, B)FC
Sisakian4742/40HFrEF/iCMP2×353Open label (A, B)FC, 6
Sitnikova2720/15HFrEF/n-iCMP2×3512Open label (A, B, M)H, QoL (MLWHFQ)
Tuunanen4812/7HFrEF/n-iCMP2×353Open label (A, B)H
Vasiuk2828/12HFrEF/iCMP2×356Open label (NR)M, H, FC
Vitale3023/24HFrEF/iCMP3×206Placebo (A)H, FC, QoL (VAS)
Wang4939/40All HF2×350.25Placebo (A, B, M)FC, 6
Winter5030/30HFrEF/n-iCMP2×356Placebo (A, B, M)M, H, FC, 6, QoL (MLWHFQ)
Zhang29100/100HFrEF/iCMP3×201Open label (NR)M, 6
  • *Cross-over study.

  • B, beta-blocker; CMP/n-iCMP, ischaemic/non-ischaemic cardiomyopathy; FC, functional class; H, (heart failure) hospitalisation; HCM, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy; HF, heart failure; HFrEF/HFpEF, HF with (mildly) reduced or preserved ejection fraction; I/C, intervention/control group; KCCQ, Kansas City Cardiomyopathy Questionnaire; M, mineralocorticoid antagonist; M, mortality; MLWHFQ, Minnesota Living With Heart Failure Questionnaire; NR, not reported; QoL, quality of life ; SoC, standard of care ; VAS, Visual Analogue Scale.