Table 3

Dose–response evaluation of cumulated cardioversion proportion of biphasic electrical cardioversion of atrial fibrillation using self-adhesive patches in anterolateral versus anteroposterior positions

Energy (J)TrialAnterolateral cardioversion proportionAnteroposterior cardioversion proportion
70Walsh et al25 200554/15045/144
100Walsh et al25 200599/15074/144
Brazdzionyte et al24 200640/5529/48
Schmidt et al26 2021126/23377/234
120Siaplaouras et al23 200547/6347/60
150Siaplaouras et al23 200555/6354/60
Walsh et al25 2005123/150109/144
Brazdzionyte et al24 200652/5541/48
Muñoz-Martínez et al15 2010*32/4618/45
Schmidt et al26 2021175/233125/234
200Siaplaouras et al23 200560/6357/60
Walsh et al25 2005143/150127/144
Brazdzionyte et al24 200653/5546/48
Muñoz-Martínez et al15 2010, first shock*39/4627/45
Muñoz-Martínez et al15 2010, second shock41/4632/45
Schmidt et al26 2021200/233162/234
300Brazdzionyte et al24 200654/5547/48
360Schmidt et al26 2021216/233200/234
  • *Data shared by the author. In the dose–response analyses, we used the first of the two shocks.