Table 2

Patient characteristics (N=117)

No of patients
Demographic characteristics
 Maternal age, years30±6.1
 Non-white ethnicity65 (55.5)
 Federally funded insurance*17 (20.5)
 Body mass index (kg/m2)30±5.8
Prepregnancy characteristics
 NYHA class≥II16 (13.7)
 Any prepregnancy cardiovascular event†28 (23.9)
 Any prior cardiovascular intervention‡85 (72.7)
 Ejection fraction <55%*16 (19.3)
 Chronic hypertension10 (8.6)
 Pre-existing diabetes mellitus1 (1.0)
 mWHO group>II63 (53.8)
 CARPREG score≥133 (28.2)
 CARPREG II score 0–284 (71.8)
 CARPREG II score≥331 (28.2)
 ZAHARA score 0–0.5057 (48.7)
 ZAHARA score 0.51–1.5027 (23.1)
 ZAHARA score≥1.5133 (28.2)
 Any prepregnancy cardiac medication§25 (21.4)
 Prepregnancy aspirin use24 (20.5)
Pregnancy-related events
 Any antepartum cardiovascular event†14 (12.0)
 Any postpartum¶ cardiovascular event†4 (3.4)
  • Data for continuous variables presented as median±IQR.

  • Data for dichotomous variables presented as N (%).

  • *Total N=83 due to missing data.

  • †Includes prepregnancy congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, thromboembolic or cerebrovascular event.

  • ‡Includes surgical, transcatheter or arrhythmic intervention.

  • §Includes ACE inhibitor, diuretic, beta blocker, anticoagulant, digoxin.

  • ¶Delivery through 6 months post partum.

  • CARPREG, Cardiac Disease in Pregnancy Study; mWHO, modified WHO classification ; NYHA, New York Heart Association; ZAHARA, Zwangerschap bij Aangeboren HARtAfwijking.