Table 1

Basic hydrodynamics in high-grade aortic regurgitation (AR) with and without prosthesis of the ascending aorta at a heart rate of 70 bpm and stroke volume (SV) of 72 mL

AR+native aortaAR+Dacron prosthesisP value
Psyst (mm Hg)140.5±8.0143.8±8.0n.s.
P diast (mm Hg)72.4±9.566.5±5.9n.s.
PP (mm Hg)68±15.477+7±10.6n.s.
Dp/dt max (mm Hg/s)770±156877±207n.s.
EOA (cm2)2.3±0.32.2±0.4n.s.
MPG (mm Hg)4.3±1.64.8±1.6n.s.
MAP (mm Hg)95.1±5.692.3±4.60.19
PPG (mm Hg)12.0±2.313.9±3.8n.s.
SV (mL)72±2.872±2.2n.s.
RF-Vol (mL)48.1±9.447.6±9.5n.s.
RF (%)66.5±11.766.1±12.1n.s.
Aortic CSA-change in systole and diastole (cm2)1.5±0.40.6±0.03<0.0001
Aortic distensibility (%/mm Hg)0.55±0.210.01±0.007<0.001
  • CSA, cross-sectional area; EOA, effective orifice area; MAP, mean arterial pressure; MPG, mean pressure gradient; n.s., not significant; PP, pulse pressure; PPG, pulse pressure gradient; RF, regurgitation fraction.