Table 5

Multivariable regression models assessing risk factors for tricuspid regurgitation progression in patients with RHD

VariablesCox regression modelFine-Gray model*
HR95% CIP valueHR95% CIP value
Age (years)1.7081.343 to 2.172<0.0011.4171.108 to 1.8130.006
NYHA functional class III/IV2.5721.540 to 4.298<0.0011.8941.165 to 3.0790.010
Atrial fibrillation1.2150.633 to 2.3300.5581.0140.530 to 1.9400.970
SPAP (mm Hg)1.0440.900 to 1.2100.5721.0030.874 to 1.1510.970
PMV1.3220.744 to 2.3470.3411.7581.007 to 3.0720.047
RA area (cm2)1.5211.101 to 2.1020.0111.6621.290 to 2.141<0.001
RV systolic annular velocity (cm/s)0.9300.808 to 1.0700.3090.8990.773 to 1.0460.170
RV dysfunction2.0241.068 to 3.8360.0311.6940.903 to 3.1790.100
  • *Fine-Gray model dealing with deaths and surgery alternatively as competing risks.

  • NYHA, New York Heart Association; PMV, percutaneous mitral valvuloplasty; RA, right atrium; RHD, rheumatic heart disease; RV, right ventricular; SPAP, systolic pulmonary artery pressure.