Table 3

Univariate and multivariable Cox regression analysis

ParameterUnivariate Cox regressionMultivariable Cox regression
HR95% CIP valueHR95% CIP value
Male sex1.6411.096 to 2.4560.016
Age, years1.0070.987 to 1.0260.5131.0090.988 to 1.0300.407
Height, cm1.0140.996 to 1.0320.137
Weight, kg1.0070.995 to 1.0190.242
Systolic blood pressure, mm Hg0.9840.973 to 0.9950.003
Diastolic blood pressure, mmHg0.9770.960 to 0.9950.011
NYHA-FC>II1.9411.315 to 2.8670.0011.6371.081 to 2.4790.020
Light chain type lambda0.7470.456 to 1.2240.247
dFLC-log, mg/L1.4101.161 to 1.7130.0011.3331.076 to 1.6500.009
NT-proBNP-log, ng/L1.9891.554 to 2.546<0.0011.7141.291 to 2.276<0.001
hsTnT-log, pg/mL1.5631.188 to 2.0580.001
eGFR, mL/min/1.73 m20.9850.977 to 0.9940.001
Heart rate/s1.0110.998 to 1.0250.095
Normal heart axis (reference)
Left axis deviation1.2270.814 to 1.8510.329
Right axis deviation1.1170.651 to 1.9160.687
PQ interval, ms0.9980.992 to 1.0030.385
QRS interval, ms1.0040.994 to 1.0130.428
QTc interval, ms0.9980993 to 1.0040.535
Low-QRS-voltage pattern1.8421.269 to 2.6720.001
LV-septum, mm1.0530.995 to 1.1150.074
LV-posterior wall, mm1.0410.970 to 1.1170.266
LV-EDD, mm1.0000.972 to 1.0290.993
LV-ESD, mm1.0210.995 to 1.0480.117
LV-mass/BSA, g/m21.0020.998 to 1.0070.372
LV-EDV, mL1.0040.997 to 1.0110.240
LV-ESV, mL1.0141.003 to 1.0250.0091.0211.009 to 1.0330.001
Ejection fraction, %0.9670.949 to 0.985<0.001
MAPSE0.9040.841 to 0.9730.007
TAPSE0.9500.913 to 0.9890.012
LV-GLS1.1511.073 to 1.235<0.0011.1171.032 to 1.2100.007
RV-GLS1.0361.002 to 1.0720.040
Relative apical sparing1.3320.921 to 1.9260.127
LA-Volumen/BSA, mL/m21.0020.991 to 1.0140.688
E-wave/A-wave1.1921.018 to 1.3950.029
E-wave/e‘-wave1.0221.000 to 1.0440.055
E-wave Deceleration time, ms0.9990.995 to 1.0020.462
sPAP, mm Hg0.9950.978 to 1.0130.5820.9750.955 to 0.9950.016
Pericardial effusion1.6611.128 to 2.4470.010
Organs involved >10.9130.629 to 1.3260.632
Organs involved >20.8490.466 to 1.5470.593
  • BSA, body surface area; dFLC, difference of free light chains; EDD, end-diastolic diameter; EDV, end-diastolic volume; eGFR, estimated glomerular filtration rate; ESD, end-systolic diameter; ESV, end-systolic volume; GLS, global longitudinal strain; hsTnT, high sensitivity troponin T; LV, left ventricle; MAPSE, mitral annular plane systolic excursion; NT-proBNP, N-terminal pro-B-type natriuretic peptide; NYHA-FC, New York Heart Association functional class; RV, right ventricle; sPAP, systolic pulmonary artery pressure; TAPSE, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion.