Table 1

Sociodemographic characteristics and prevalence of psychological distress (PD) at baseline among 742 adult participants in the Manicaland study who were included in the analysis of the association between PD and later development of hypertension

Population distributionPrevalence of PD
Proportion (%)No of participants (N)Proportion (%)P value*
Age group0.021
 <35 years65.14838.5
 ≥35 years34.925913.9
Marital status0.006
 Never married10.6793.8
 Separated, divorced or widowed19.214316.8
Site type0.600
 Agricultural estates25.018510.3
Level of education0.002
 Primary and below37.227614.8
 Secondary and above62.84667.7
Employment status0.210
Wealth index0.150
 Least wealthy16.412212.3
 Less wealthy41.630811.4
 More wealthy30.322510.7
 Most wealthy11.7873.4
Alcohol consumption0.051
Use of drugs for pleasure0.650
  • *P value is derived from a χ2 test comparing participants with PD to participants without PD.