Table 3

Altered cardiac PDSR in participants of the UKB with scoliosis

CMR traitGeneral population (n=38 319)Scoliosis (n=224)Padj
Maximum WT9.40±1.629.36±1.70NS
Ecc Global−22.33±3.35−22.10±3.77NS
Err Global45.00±8.3145.20±8.73NS
Ell Global−18.50±2.76−17.90±2.44NS
  • Mean and SD for CMR-derived summary measures are described for the general UKB population and participants with all-cause scoliosis. The p value was adjusted for multiple comparisons of CMR traits.

  • CMR, cardiac MRI; Ecc, Eulerian circumferential strain; Ell, Eulerian longitudinal strain; Err, Eulerian radial strain; LVEDV, left ventricular end-diastolic volume; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; LVM, left ventricular mass; PDSRll, longitudinal peak diastolic strain rate; PDSRrr, radial peak diastolic strain rate; UKB, UK Biobank; WT, wall thickness.