Table 1

Sample text messages sent to participants in the intervention group (translated into English)

Ideal cardiovascular health metricSample text message
No smoking
  • Smoking is harmful to your health, not only for you but also for those around you. SOCHICAR Foundation

  • On average, smokers die 10 years earlier than non-smokers. If you don’t smoke, help others to quit. SOCHICAR Foundation

Ideal weight
  • If you are overweight, distribute your diet better: eat snacks during the day and do not overeat in the afternoon. You will burn more calories! SOCHICAR Foundation

  • One piece of French bread has 260 calories. You will have to ride a bicycle for half an hour to get rid of those calories. Regards, Foundation of the Chilean Society of Cardiology

  • Work out TODAY: Take a brisk walk for 20 min every day this week. Advice from the Foundation of the Chilean Society of Cardiology

  • Take the stairs. You will feel it is excellent exercise. Climbing stairs burns 7–10 calories per minute. Regards, SOCHICAR Foundation

Ideal diet
  • How many fruits did you eat yesterday? Eat one piece of fruit at lunch and dinner today. They are the best dessert! SOCHICAR Foundation

  • Do not drink sweetened beverages. Choose low-calorie drinks. SOCHICAR Foundation

Normal cholesterol
  • Watch your heart and avoid fried and fatty foods such as sausages and mayonnaise. Regards, SOCHICAR Foundation

  • If you lower your blood cholesterol, you reduce your cardiovascular risk at any age. It’s never too late! Choose skim products! SOCHICAR Foundation

Optimal blood pressure
  • Compare food labels and choose foods with less sodium. Low-sodium food should contain less than 120 mg per serving. SOCHICAR Foundation

  • Did you know that hypertension is dangerous? The higher your blood pressure, the greater the cardiovascular risk to your brain and heart vessels. SOCHICAR Foundation

Normal fasting glycaemia
  • High blood sugar is associated with being overweight. If you lose weight with diet and exercise, you could normalise your sugar levels. Advice from SOCHICAR Foundation

  • If you had gestational diabetes, your future risk of diabetes is twice as high. Lose weight and avoid pastries, sweets and sweetened drinks. SOCHICAR Foundation