Table 4

Intervention participants’ perceptions and opinions of mobile text messaging programme

Do you remember to have received messages about healthy living in the last 9 months?(n=278) n (%)
 Yes213 (76.7)
 No52 (18.7)
 Do not know13 (4.6)
Do you remember what the messages were about? (all that apply)(n=213) n (%)
 About weight care94 (44.1)
 About tobacco consumption113 (53.1)
 About alcohol consumption*30 (14.1)
 About exercise156 (73.2)
 About healthy diet166 (77.9)
 Other10 (4.7)
 Do not know4 (1.9)
How often were the messages received?n=213 n (%)
 Daily33 (15.5)
 Weekly127 (59.6)
 Monthly40 (18.8)
 Other6 (2.8)
 Do not know7 (3.3)
Acceptability of the text message interventionn=213 n (%)
 Well received, she liked it94.8
 She disliked it2.8
 Do not know1.4
Do you like to receive healthy lifestyle text messagesn=213 n (%)
 Do not know1.4
Would you recommend to other people to receive healthy lifestyle mobile text messages?n=213 n (%)
 Would recommend receiving text messages200 (93.9)
 Would not recommend8 (3.8)
 Do not know5 (2.3)
Would you be interested to continue receiving healthy text messages on your cell phone?n=213 n (%)
 Yes203 (95.3)
 No9 (4.2)
 Do not know1 (0.5)
How often would you like to receive healthy lifestyle text messages?n=244 n (%)
 Do not know2.0
  • *Confounding factor.