Table 1

Valvular heart disease incidence rate and age of diagnosis

PopulationNAge of diagnosis, yearsIQRIR (per 10 000 person-years)95% CI
Any valve disease13 6156660–7216.316.0 to 16.5
MR69006459–718.28.0 to 8.4
MS20956155–672.52.4 to 2.6
MVP11196357–701.31.2 to 1.4
AS60206660–727.27.0 to 7.3
AR42386358–705.04.9 to 5.2
TR16646864–742.01.9 to 2.1
  • AR, aortic regurgitation; AS, aortic stenosis; IR, incidence rate; MR, mitral regurgitation; MS, mitral stenosis; MVP, mitral valve prolapse; TR, tricuspid regurgitation.