Table 4

A Cox proportional hazards regression model stratified by time of follow-up showing the effect of variables on the risk of prosthetic valve dysfunction

VariableCoefficient (ß)SEWald χ2HR95% CIP value
Age over 60 years−0.970.63−1.550.370.06 to 2.110.26
Biological prosthesis0. to 1.290.86
Endothelin 1 (pg/mL) to 1.410.04
IL-1ß (pg/cm3)0.0040.0022.111.0041.003 to 1.0040.035
IL-4 (pg/mL)−0.030.14−2.070.960.94 to 0.990.039
  • IL, interleukin.