Table 4

Early versus late progression rate of aortic stenosis severity parameters in the acute myocardial infarction group

progression n=28
progression n=28
MD (95% CI)P value
AVAi (cm2/m2/year)−0.070±0.051−0.030±0.038+0.039 (0.019 to 0.059)0.0001
AVA (cm2/year)−0.130±0.098−0.058±0.074+0.072 (0.033 to 0.110)0.0002
VTI ratio (/year)−0.035±0.025−0.015±0.019+0.019 (0.009 to 0.030)0.0002
MG (mm Hg/year)+3.1±3.9+1.5±3.1−1.6 (−3.5 to 0.3)0.043
Vpeak (m/s/year)+0.28±0.38+0.09±0.25−0.19 (−0.36 to 0.02)0.038
SVi (mL/m2/year)+3.72±6.67−0.78±3.26−4.50 (−7.45 to −1.56)0.0004
  • AVA, aortic valve area; AVAi, indexed aortic valve area; MD, mean difference; MG, mean aortic gradient; MI, myocardial infarction; SVi, indexed stroke volume; Vpeak, aortic peak jet velocity; VTI, velocity-time integral.