Table 2

Comparison of echocardiographic variables used to assess FP

Assessment of filling pressure variables
VariableElevated FP (N=422)Normal FP (N=561)P value
Mitral E velocity, cm/s (mean (SD))127.16 (68.97)93.47 (54.89)<0.001
Mitral e' septal, cm/s (mean (SD))5.49 (1.73)5.27 (1.66)0.044
Mitral e' lateral, cm/s (mean (SD))7.22 (2.36)7.06 (6.95)0.652
e' average, cm/s (mean (SD))6.39 (3.08)6.29 (4.56)0.682
E/e' septal (mean (SD))24.22 (8.99)17.51 (7.75)<0.001
E/e' lateral (mean (SD))18.92 (7.76)13.64 (5.84)<0.001
Average E/e' ratio (mean (SD))22.60 (15.44)16.69 (16.06)<0.001
LA volume index, mL/m2 (mean (SD))49.53 (15.94)41.14 (18.95)<0.001
Tricuspid regurgitation velocity, cm/s (mean (SD))323.63 (55.27)272.15 (62.71)<0.001
Mitral A velocity, cm/s (mean (SD))*76.84 (57.38)115.67 (71.24)<0.001
Mitral E/A ratio (mean (SD))*7.73 (63.56)0.74 (0.26)0.023
Mitral deceleration time, ms (mean (SD))†165.24 (63.27)204.89 (69.93)0.001
Isovolumetric relaxation time, ms (mean (SD))†48.47 (2.71)61.39 (2.93)0.002
  • *Only in patients in sinus rhythm at time of TTE, (N=798).

  • †Only in patients in Afib at time of TTE, (N=185).

  • FP, filling pressure; LA, left atrial; TTE, transthoracic echocardiogram.