Table 6

Examples of ‘dementia’ in contemporary English life and leisure genre

No.Extract from data
1Diseases and which untreated can lead to madness and finally to dementia? Another rhetorically powerful critic
2Endow you with a longer shelf life by guarding against cancer, diabetes, dementia and getting knocked down by
3‘Aluminium has been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia’ (not to mention cancer and mad cow disease), claim
4But I can tell you that Alzheimer’s is the leading form of dementia. And so, whatever the doctors—unless they
5You tend to bargain a bit when faced with the prospects of long-term dementia, but, frankly, from their
6Some excellent ideas concerning the care of people suffering from dementia. We have had pupil centred
7Use it or lose it defend yourself against dementia by giving the brain a workout. While learning a language
8Proteins in the brain and Fronto-temporal dementia (associated with changes in the frontal lobe of the brain)