Table 2

Discriminatory ability of baseline and ASteRisk score for the combined outcome of death/AVR in both the primary and validation cohorts

Combined outcome death/AVR*
ModelAUCP value
Primary cohort
Baseline0.69 (0.68,0.71)0.000042
ASteRisk score0.74 (0.73, 0.76)
Validation cohort
Baseline0.75 (0.73, 0.77)0.02
ASteRisk score0.78 (0.77,0.80)
  • *For death alone, the AUC results are: primary cohort: ASteRisk score 0.66±0.04, baseline: 0.61±0.04; validation cohort: ASteRisk score 0.61±0.05, baseline: 0.59±0.03.

  • ASteRisk score, Aortic Stenosis Risk score; AUC, area under the receiver operating characteristic curve; AVR, aortic valve replacement.