Table 2

Results of the exercise parameters between the two groups exercising with and without facemasks after propensity score matching

2015 (no mask) (n=378)2021 (with mask) (n=378)P value after matching
Resting systolic BP136.7±16.8135.4±16.70.20
Resting HR80.4±14.081.7±15.70.20
Peak systolic BP163.4±17.5162.7±17.70.62
Peak HR151.5±15.0152.4±16.60.45
Significant ischaemia25290.67
Abnormal segments5.9±36.4±30.48
Positive predictive value75%80.7%0.7
Rate pressure product24 788±377524 808±37710.94
  • BP, blood pressure; HR, heart rate; MET, metabolic equivalent.