Table 2

Vessel-level haemodynamic and anatomic data

n (%) or mean±SD
FFR* (n=456)0.82±0.1
CFR* (n=456)2.2±0.6
HMR mm Hg/cm/s (n=456)2.5±1.0
HSR mm Hg/cm/s (n=456)0.58±0.07
Baseline Pd/Pa0.93±0.07
LAD314 (59)
LCx122 (23)
RCA97 (18)
  • *FFR and CFR as adjudicated by the central core laboratory.

  • CFR, coronary flow reserve; FFR, fractional flow reserve; HMR, hyperemic microvascular resistance; HSR, hyperemic stenotic resistance; LAD, left anterior descending artery; LCx, left circumflex artery; Pa, mean aortic pressure; Pd, mean distal pressure; RCA, right coronary artery.