Table 1

Probabilistic results of base-case scenario

Strategy noDescriptionExpected deathsExpected complicationsExpected proportion of incorrect diagnosesExpected proportion of correct diagnosesExpected costIncremental cost per correct diagnosisProbability of being the most cost effective strategy
1ICA-FFR0.08%0.94%0.00%98.97%£2176.02£24 425.9722%
3CMR +ICA-FFR0.03%0.46%4.16%95.35%£1291.80£16 997.6431%
16CMR +CTCA + ICA-FFR0.02%0.65%5.25%94.08%£1075.93£2881.8615%
15SPECT+CTCA + ICA-FFR0.02%0.63%11.16%88.18%£905.90£1027.330.00%
  • CMR, cardiovascular magnetic resonance; CTCA, CT coronary angiography; ICA, invasive coronary angiography; ICA-FFR, invasive coronary angiography and fractional flow reserve; SPECT, single-photon emission CT.