Table 4

Comparison of coronary artery dimensions and ethnicity, adjusted for body surface area

Coronary artery segmentnMean* (mm)Mean difference (mm)SE of difference95% CI for difference in adjusted means†P value†
Lower boundUpper bound
Left mainSouth Asian854.195−0.3680.1233.9614.602<0.001
Caribbean black674.563
LAD ProximalSouth Asian853.733−0.6150.129−0.92−0.30<0.001
Caribbean black674.348
LAD MidSouth Asian852.813−0.5980.126−0.90−0.29<0.001
Caribbean black673.410
LAD DistalSouth Asian852.021−0.4170.117−0.70−0.130.001
Caribbean black672.438
LCx ProximalSouth Asian853.393−0.4950.132−0.81−0.180.001
Caribbean black673.888
South Asian852.815−0.4510.128−0.76−0.1420.002
Caribbean black673.266
LCx DistalSouth Asian852.105−0.4430.116−0.724−0.1620.001
Caribbean black672.548
RCA ProximalSouth Asian853.684−0.2210.136−0.5510.1080.319
Caribbean black673.905
RCA MidSouth Asian852.964−0.2840.118−0.5690.0010.051
Caribbean black673.248
RCA DistalSouth Asian852.363−0.2870.117−0.569−0.0050.044
Caribbean black672.650
  • *Estimated marginal means adjusted for mean body surface area of 1.81.

  • †Post-hoc Bonferroni adjusted analysis

  • LAD, left anterior descending ; LCx, left circumflex; RCA, right coronary artery.