Table 2

Themes about medication-taking coded into higher order themes and super-ordinate categories

Super-ordinate categoriesHigher order themesThemes
Beliefs about medicationNegative effectsSide effects212423
Beliefs about consequences (negative outcomes)19
Medicine perceived as a barrier to recovery22
Positive effectsBeliefs about consequences (positive outcomes)19
Balancing pros and consBeliefs about consequences2018
Necessity versus concerns23
Preference for natural therapyUse of ‘natural’ lifestyle measures in cholesterol lowering therapy discontinuers, not reported with clopidogrel24
Beliefs about illnessBelieve to be in good healthConsidered as not serious21
Believe health is good21
Neutral healthPersonal health feelings and beliefs21
Believe to be in bad healthWorsening condition21
Poor perceptionFailure to recognise signs and symptoms of disease21
Future threatReduced sense of threat of disease with cholesterol lowering therapy discontinuers, higher with clopidogrel24
Recurrent event26
Personal adherence factorsMemory, attention, decision processesMemory/attention/decision processes192018
Lack of continuity21
Self-regulationBehavioural regulation192018
Unhealthy lifestyle choices21
Beliefs about capabilities19
Social influences (pre-existing beliefs)19
A sense of competency26
Personal preferences26
Poor perceptionMissed general cues21
Inaccurate perception21
Prescription confusion24
DeterminismFamily history/fatalism21
Emotional toll19
Distrust of doctors24
EconomicEconomic burden21
Living in areas of deprivation23
Interpersonal adherence factorsGeneral socialSocial influence2018
Social/professional role and identity2018
CommunicationLack of/poor communication2125
Lack of effective communication21
EducationInadequate patient education21
KnowledgeLack of knowledge2125
Social influence (having knowledge)19
Cholesterol lowering therapy patient knowledgeable yet discontinued24
Clopidogrel less knowledge24
FamilyLack of prompts from family and friends21
Family and relatives26
Family support23
Healthcare professionalsUnaware of cardiac rehabilitation21
Healthcare providers26
Relying on health practitioner23
Cardiac rehabilitation23