Table 4

Agreement performances calculated between GP and ORC decisions and GP and RC decisions

MetricECG report
CHART report
CHART compare to ECG
hypothesis test with 95% CI
Lower conf. %Observed
value %
Upper conf. %Lower conf. %Observed
value %
Upper conf. %
ORC versus
PPA%44.852. increase
NPA%72.977.781.976.881.385.3Not significant increase
PPV%49.657.164.461.468.374.7Significant increase
NPV%69.073.878.375.880.484.5Significant increase
K%24.530. increase
PR% significant increase
RC versus
PPA%48.055.763.260.667.774.3Significant increase
NPA%73.778.582.775.680.484.5Not significant increase
PPV%49.557.364.859.566.773.3Significant increase
NPV%72.577.381.676.481.185.2Not significant increase
K%28.234.440.941.547.954.4Significant increase
PR% significant increase
  • Better performance values are shown in bold.

  • CHART, Cardio-HART; GP, general practitioner; K, kappa statistics; NPA, negative per cent agreement; NPV, negative predictive value; ORC, over-reading cardiologist; PPA, positive per cent agreement; PPV, positive predictive value; PR, positive rate; RC, referral cardiologist.