Table 3

Comparisons of AUCs, IDI and NRI for risk factors and intra-aortic PP

ModelsAUC95% CIP value for AUCsIDICategory-free NRI
Absolute IDI95% CIP valueRelative IDI (%)Event (%)Nonevent (%)Total NRI95% CIP value
Risk factors0.6150.590 to 0.641reference
Aortic PP0.6300.604 to 0.6570.243−0.003−0.047 to 0.0070.5470.933−0.1−1.1−0.013−0.0474 to 0.02190.470
Risk factors+Aortic PP0.6440.617 to 0.670<0.001*0.0108*0.0058 to 0.0158*<0.001*1.227*5.1*−8.7*0.0499*0.0226 to 0.0773*<0.001*
0.053†0.0137†0.008 to 0.019†<0.001†1.3072†8.5†−2.3†0.063†0.0334 to 0.0919†<0.001†
  • Risk factors: age ≥ 60, renal dysfunction, female sex.

  • *Comparison with the ROC curves of risk factors (reference group).

  • †Comparison with the ROC curves of central PP.

  • AUC, area under the curve; IDI, integrated discrimination improvement; NRI, net reclassification improvement; PP, pulse pressure ; ROC, receiver operating characteristics.