Table 1

Characteristics of the included studies

StudyCountryPublication yearStudy designRecruitmentNAge (years)Male (%)Gestational age (weeks)Population
Kallio et al28Finland2010Cross-sectionalRecruited as infants in 1990–1992 for the STRIP project49413.052.4NAHealthy children
Geerts et al27Netherlands2012Cross-sectionalRecruited as infants in 2001 for the WHISTLER project2595.4±0.343.639.5±1.4 (mean±SD)Healthy children
Yang et al29China2011Cross-sectionalRecruited through middle schools in Lhasa city62416.0100.0NAHealthy adolescents
Ayer et al24Australia2011Cross-sectionalEnrolled prior to birth into the CAPS project in1997-19994058.049.639.6
(39.4 to 39.7)
(95% CI)
Healthy children
  • NA, not available; STRIP, Special Turku Coronary Risk Factor Intervention Project; WHISTLER, the WHeezing Illnesses STudy LEidsche Rijn.