Table 2

Summary of results of studies included in the systematic review

StudyO'Keefe (1992)11Deftereos (2013)12CISR (2019)13Colcot (2019)14LoDoCo-MI (2019)15Colchicine-PCI (2020)16COPS (2020)17
N (T/C)197 (130/67)196 (100/96)90 (A: 30/B: 30‚ÄČ/C: 30)4745 (2366/2379)237 (119/118)400 (206/194)795 (396/399)
In-stent restenosis, TvC (%)41.0v45.0Angio-ISR: 16.0v33.0
IVUS-ISR: 24.0v43.0
Repeat vessel revascularisation, TvC (%)N/A4.0v5.23.3v26.7v01.1v2.1N/AN/A0.8v3.0
Stent thrombosis, TvC (%)N/AN/A0v1.7N/A0v0.8N/A2.8v5.5
Stroke, TvC (%)N/A1v0N/A0.2v0.8N/A1v00.5v1.5
Resuscitated cardiac arrest, TvC (%)N/AN/AN/A0.2v0.3N/AN/AN/A
All-cause mortality, TvC (%)0.8v3.01.0v1.0N/A1.8v1.80 (0.00)0.5v0.52.0v3.0
  • CISR 2019: A-Bare metal stent +colchicine.

  • CISR, Colchicine Treatment for Prevention of in Stent Restenosis; Colchicine-PCI, Colchicine in Percutaneous Coronary Intervention; COPS, Colchicine for Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome; ISR, in-stent restenosis; IVUS, intravascular ultrasound; LoDoCo-MI, The Low Dose Colchicine after Myocardial Infarction ; MI, myocardial infarction; N/A, not available; PCI, percutaneous coronary intervention; TvC, treatment vs control.