Table 3

Dose-related effects of anthracyclines on right ventricular function

<300 mg/m2
>300 mg/m2
Adjusted p value*
Number57 (55.3)24 (23.3)22 (21.4)
FAC (%)41.6±4.242.0±4.338.3±7.60.033d
TAPSE (mm)21.3±3.620.4±3.520.0±4.00.303a
RV-s’ (cm/s)11.7±2.110.8±2.4 (n=23)10.2±2.30.045a
RIMP0.45±0.09 (n=55)0.46±0.09 (n=23)0.44±0.110.955a
RVFWS (%)−27.7±3.6 (n=50)−27.7±4.6 (n=23)−25.2±4.70.034b,d
TRP (mm Hg)17.8±3.6 (n=44)18.7±3.8 (n=15)18.3±5.3 (n=17)0.656a
2D-LVEF (%)57.0±4.754.5±7.151.1±5.0<0.001 b,d
GLS (%)−17.9±2.1 (n=55)−17.0±2.2 (n=23)−16.8±2.2 (n=21)0.024d
Elevated filling pressures10 (17.5)2 (8.3)10 (45.5)0.002b,d
  • Data presented as mean±SD, or n (%). Calculations with χ2.

  • *Analysis of covariance (ANCOVA) adjusted for age at examination, heart rate, body mass index, diastolic blood pressure. Statistically significant values in boldface (p<0.05). Post hoc Bonferroni: aNo significant difference between treatment groups. bSignificant difference (<0.05) between ‘high dose >300 mg/m2’ and ‘low dose <300 mg/m2'. cSignificant difference (<0.05) between ‘high dose >300 mg/m2‘ and ‘low dose <300 mg/m2’ with ‘no anthracycline’. dSignificant difference (<0.05) between ‘high dose >300 mg/m2’ and ‘no anthracycline’.

  • 2D, two dimensions; FAC, fractional area change; GLS, global longitudinal strain; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; RA, right atrium; RIMP, Right ventricular index of myocardial performance; RV, right ventricular; RVFWS, RV-free-wall strain; RVIDd, RV-Internal Dimension in diastole; RV-s', RV-peak systolic velocity; TAPSE, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion; TRP, tricuspid regurgitation pressure.