Table 2

Comparisons of right ventricular function in survivors and controls

VariableAllo-HSCT (n=103)Control (n=55)P valueAdjusted P value*
RA morphology
 RA area (cm/m2)8.0±1.58.3±1.40.2540.445
 RA-EDV-index (mL/m2)22.2±6.822.8±4.90.5600.833
 Dilated RA-EDV†14 (13.6)5 (9.1)0.407
RV morphology
 RVIDd basal (cm/m2)2.0±0.32.0±0.20.1330.092
 RVIDd mid-wall (cm/m2)1.7±0.31.6±0.20.0050.001
 RVIDs basal (cm/m2)1.6±0.21.5±0.20.3910.158
 RVIDs mid-wall (cm/m2)1.3±0.21.1±0.20.001<0.001
 RV length (cm/m2)4.1±0.53.9±0.40.1190.145
 RV wall-thickness (mm)39±4 (n=90)38±4 (n=48)0.1110.168
 RV-EDA (cm/m2)11.0±2.310.8±1.00.5380.428
 Dilated RV-EDA‡32 (31.1)9 (6.4)0.045-
 RV-ESA (cm/m2)6.5±1.46.2±1.10.2270.068
RV function
 Fractional area change (%)41.0±5.242.2±5.10.1750.047
 FAC <35%11 (10.7)2 (3.6)0.222-
 TAPSE (mm)20.8±3.724.6±3.8<0.001<0.001
 TAPSE <17mm13 (13.0)1 (1.8)0.020-
 RV s’ (cm/s)11.1±2.312.3±2.30.0050.001
 RV-s’ <9.5cm/s26 (25.5)8 (14.8)0.124-
 RV-e’ (cm/s)10.0±2.711.7±2.5<0.001<0.001
 RV-e’ <7.8cm/s18 (17.6)1 (1.9)0.004-
 RIMP >0.5417 (17.2)3 (5.6)0.042-
 RVFWS (%)−27.1±4.2−28.5±3.30.0520.043
 RVFWS ≥20%3 (3.2)0 (0)0.553-
 TRP (mm Hg)18.1±4.016.7±2.60.0340.125
 PASP >35 mm Hg3 (2.9)0 (0)0.552-
LV function
 2D-LVEF (%)55.2±5.959.0±2.9<0.001<0.001
 GLS (%)−17.5±2.2−19.7±1.4<0.001<0.001
  • *Adjusted p values by propensity scoring. Statistically significant values in boldface (p<0.05).

  • †Dilated RA in males if >32 mL/m2 and in females if >27 mL/m2.

  • ‡Dilated RV-EDA in males if >12.6 cm2/m2 and in females if >11.5 cm2/m2.

  • Allo-HSCT, allogeneic haematopoietic stem-cell transplantation; 2D, two dimensions; E/e', ratio of early-diastolic velocity to mean early-diastolic myocardial velocity; FAC, fractional area change; GLS, global longitudinal strain; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; PASP, pulmonary arterial systolic pressure; RA, right atrium; RA-EDV, RA-end-diastolic volume; RIMP, Right Ventricular Index of Myocardial Performance; RV, right ventricular; RV-e', RV early-diastolic velocity; RV-EDA, RV-end-diastolic area; RV-ESA, RV-End-Systolic Area; RVFWS, RV-free-wall strain; RVIDd, RV-internal dimension in diastole; RVIDs, RV-internal dimension in systole; RV-s', RV-peak systolic velocity; TAPSE, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion; TRP, tricuspid regurgitation pressure.