Table 1


PatientAgeGenderLVEFAetiologyNYHADeviceAntiarrhythmic drugsPrior catheter ablation
1 (STH)70sM20MyocarditisIIICRTDA 300 mg once a day
R 500 mg two times per day
(intolerant Me)
2 (NUTH)70sF30IdiopathicIVCRTDA 200 mg once a day3
3 (JCUH)70sM45IschaemicIIICDA 200 mg once a day1
4 (NUTH)60sM35IschaemicIIICDA 200 mg once a day3
5 (STH)60sM15IschaemicIICRTDMe 300 mg three times a day
(prior use of A, R)
6 (NUTH)70sF25IschaemicIIIICDA 200 mg once a day
(prior use of Me, P)
7 (JCUH)70sF20IschaemicIIICRTDA 200 mg once a day0
  • A, amiodarone; CRTD, biventricular implantable defibrillator; F, female; ICD, implantable defibrillator; JCUH, James Cook University Hospital Middlesbrough; LVEF, left ventricular ejection fraction; M, male; Me, mexiletine; NUTH, Newcastle Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust; NYHA, New York Heart Association class; P, propafenone; R, ranolazine; STH, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals; VIVO, view into ventricular onset (non-invasive mapping).