Table 3

Evaluation of the increased predictive ability of the CONUT score for 1- year all-cause mortality when added to the VALID-CRT risk score

Risk scoreC-statistic (95% CI)P valueNRI (95% CI)P valueIDI (95% CI)P value
VALID-CRT risk score0.63 (0.54 to 0.72)Ref.Ref.Ref.
VALID-CRT risk score+ CONUT score0.78 (0.70 to 0.86)0.0030.78 (0.45 to 1.12)<0.0010.12 (0.06 to 0.18)<0.001
  • CONUT, Controlling Nutritional Status; CRT, cardiac resynchronisation therapy; IDI, integrated discrimination improvement; NRI, net reclassification improvement.