Table 3

Procedural details

ParameterTotalnon-iASDiASDP value
Fluoroscopy time (min)25.3±11.022.6±8.129.1±13.30.04
Device time (min)52.6±25.046.4±21.161.4±27.70.04
Number of clips implanted1.2±0.51.1±0.41.3±0.60.29
mPG preprocedural (mm Hg)1.6±1.01.6±1.21.5±0.70.72
mPG postprocedural (mm Hg)3.5±1.63.4±1.83.7±1.50.52
Mean change in mPG (mm Hg)1.9±1.41.8±1.52.2±1.20.32
P value<0.01<0.01<0.01
Mean LA pressure preprocedural (mm Hg)23.9±6.923.6±7.124.3±6.80.72
Mean LA pressure postprocedural (mm Hg)17.6±5.316.92±5.218.6±5.60.31
Mean change in LA pressure (mmHg)−6.0±5.3−6.2±6.2−5.8±4.10.79
P value<0.01<0.01<0.01
LA v-wave preprocedural (mm Hg)34.2±11.533.0±11.135.8±12.00.43
LA v-wave postprocedural (mm Hg)25.8±9.224.4±9.027.9±9.30.2
Mean change in LA v-wave (mm Hg)−8.6±9.4−8.6±10.2−8.7±8.40.98
P value<0.01<0.01<0.01
  • Values are mean±SD, or number (%). P values in parentheses refer to one-sided testing.

  • Bold p values indicate statistically significant results.

  • LA, left atrium; mPG, mean pressure gradient.