Table 2

Strategies for suppressing the dietary acid load

Acid suppressorComments
Fruits and vegetablesSee PRAL in table 1
Sodium citrate5 g suppresses 60 mEq of acid. Should be taken with food.
Potassium citrate3 g suppresses 30 mEq of acid. Typically, no more than 3 g is taken with each meal.
Sodium or potassium bicarbonateThis can suppress stomach acid and thus sodium or potassium citrate is the better option.
Bicarbonate mineral waters (low in sulfate)1 mEq of bicarbonate inhibits 1 mEq of acid. Typically, the bicarbonate levels are fairly low and should not affect stomach pH. There is a slow accumulation of bicarbonate in the body when drinking bicarbonate mineral waters and this is a better option than sodium or potassium bicarbonate supplements.
  • PRAL, potential renal acid load.