Table 3

Conditional logistic regression results

Attribute/levelCoefficientP valueWillingness To Pay £
(95% CIs)
Psychological intervention to be received
 Home-based with telephone support0.0760.52898 (−208 to 404)
 Home-based with face-to-face support0.1020.405131 (−179 to 441)
 Group face-to-face in primary or community care−0.0850.493−109(−422 to 204)
 Group face-to-face in secondary care−0.0930.444−120(−428 to 189)
Information given prior to starting treatment
 No information−0.270*0.033−348(−674 to −21)
 Printed leaflet−0.0010.992−2(−299 to 296)
 Overview from a healthcare professional0.1030.394133 (−174 to 440)
 Overview from a healthcare professional plus printed leaflet−0.1650.184−213(−530 to 104)
Format of therapy and exercises
 Paper copy plus CD−0.0050.965−7(−308 to 295)
 Paper copy plus DVD0.0610.61678 (−227 to 384)
 Paper copy plus website0.1100.375141 (−172 to 455)
 Paper copy plus smartphone application0.1680.182216 (−105 to 537)
Cost and programme start
 National Health Service cost−0.001*0.000
 Time to start of therapy−0.0430.166−56(−135 to 24)
Therapy provision
 Constant for Therapy A1.950*0.0002515 (1843 to 3188)
 Constant for Therapy B1.350*0.0001741 (1153 to 2328)
  • *Statistical significance (p<0.05)