Table 4

Imaging departments’ change in imaging protocols and staffing

European regionP valueEuropeWorldP value
Changes to imaging protocols
Limiting staff proximity to patients90%83%76%83%0.16683%83%0.830
Mandate personal protective equipment93%89%88%88%0.15188%86%0.611
Eliminate protocols requiring close contact52%51%48%65%0.10055%64% 0.026
Avoid exercise stress testing34%51%31%39% 0.025 41%51% 0.018
Modify cardiac nuclear imaging protocols7%31%12%10% <0.001 18%28% 0.009
Modify cardiac CT protocols2%15%2%14% <0.001 10%15%0.139
Changes to staffing
Redeployment10%16%17%15%0.79915%23% 0.011
Rotating staff work shifts54%69%62%69%0.09166%68%0.451
Furloughed imaging physicians7%9%10%4%18%17% <0.001
Furloughed non-physician imaging staff10%8%12%3%0.2888%23% <0.001
Reduced salaries of imaging physicians7%5%12%4%0.6386%24% <0.001
Reduced salaries of non-physician imaging staff7%3%12%4%0.2896%22% <0.001
Laid off imaging physicians2%05%1%0.3742%2%0.038
Laid off non-physician imaging staff2%1%2%1%0.6602%7% <0.001
  • Light grey, <50%; dark grey, ≥50%; bold, p<0.05.