Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Age, years56.4±0.36
Female, %691(57)
Body mass index (kg/m2)30.1 (0.1)
Body surface area (m2)1.8 (0.1)
Systolic BP, mm Hg136 (1.0)
Diastolic BP, mm Hg78 (0.7)
Diabetes, %343 (28)
Hypertension, %603 (50)
Hypercholesterolaemia, %626 (49)
HDL cholesterol, mg/dL50.4 (0.7)
Alcohol use, %903 (75)
Current cigarette smoking, %212 (18)
Echocardiographic measurements
Left ventricular mass index (LVMI, g/m2.7)41.5 (0.35)
Relative wall thickness, ratio0.40 (0.003)
LVMI2.7/end-diastolic volume0.52 (0.006)
Left atrial volume index, mL/m223.02 (0.25)
Left ventricular ejection fraction, %59.80 (0.20)
E/e′, ratio9.96 (0.12)
Global longitudinal strain, %−17.56 (0.13)
Global circumferential strain, %−24.33 (0.29)
LV stroke volume, mL70.30 (0.61)
Lateral peak S velocity, cm/s8.30 (0.08)
RV peak S velocity, cm/s11.88 (0.09)
RV fractional area change, %0.45 (0.004)
TR max velocity, cm/s206.35 (1.69)
RV velocity-time integral, cm17.42 (0.15)
TAPSE, cm2.09 (0.02)
Physical activity and sedentary behaviour
MVPA, min/day20.93±1.1
Light PA, min/day216.84±4.2
Sedentary behaviour, min/day736.50±8.1
  • N (%) using weighted row percentages; N’s presented are weighted counts.

  • Data presented in means±SE of mean.

  • BP, blood pressure; E, peak early diastolic transmitral inflow velocities; e′, average of mitral early diastolic septal and lateral annular velocities; HDL, high-density lipoprotein; LV, left ventricular; MVPA, moderate to vigorous-intensity PA; n, number; PA, physical activity; RV, right ventricular; TAPSE, tricuspid annular plane systolic excursion; TR, tricuspid regurgitation.