Table 4

Coagulation testing in 11 patients at baseline, day 1 and day 120 post-TAVI

Coagulation markersA. Pre-TAVIB. day 1 post-TAVIC. day 120 post-TAVIP value
A vs B
P value
A vs C
Haemoglobin (120–150 g/L)118±21.5112±18.2127±16.40.0820.330
Platelets (150–400×109/L)199±54.9169±52.2227±93.60.009*0.406
White cell count (4–10×109/L)7.1±1.610.0±3.37.9±2.00.003*0.315
LDH (135–214 U/L)224±18232±13243±310.2320.015*
PF 1+2 (69–229 ng/mL)791±632451±11.1401±11.10.4530.352
TAT (1.0–4.1 ng/mL)56±638.1±2.93.9±0.30.3320.124
Fibrinogen (1.7–3.9 s)3.6±0.83.8±0.84.3±0.90.110
D-Dimer (0–0.55 ng/mL)0.49±0.271.86±0.790.87±0.470.046*0.465
APTT (0.8–1.2 ratio)0.96±0.050.96±0.050.90±0.000.465
  • This table demonstrates a random sample of 11 patients who attended for TAVI. This demonstrates that a baseline derangement in clotting exists in all patients with aortic stenosis, this is further exacerbated by the procedure, and tends to settle at day 120 following valve endothelialisation. Reference ranges are provided in brackets. Data are presented as mean±SD.

  • *P<0.05 (statistical significance)

  • LDH, lactate dehydrogenase; PF 1+2, prothrombin factors 1+2; TAT, thrombin antithrombin; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.