Table 2

Imaging characteristics

VariableElevated gradient n=26No gradient change n=181P valueTotal
MG echo day 1 post-TAVI, mm Hg9.4±4.512.5±60.003*12.2±6.1
Velocity echo day 1 post-TAVI m/s1.9±0.52.3±0.5<0.001*2.3±0.5
CT-derived annulus area (pre-TAVI) mm2449±77454±800.748452±79
CT-derived annulus perimeter (pre-TAVI) mm77±777±80.71677±8
Major annulus diameter mm27±227±30.73127±3
Eccentricity index %21±418±60.019*19±6
Sinotubular junction (major)29.0±3.629.6±4.00.64029.5±3.9
Sinus of Valsalva (major)32.4±3.233.0±40.44932.9±3.9
  • This table describes and compares preprocedural CT parameters and also the initial immediate postprocedural echo on day 1 post-TAVI between groups: elevated gradient at follow-up versus no elevated gradient and a p value for comparison of the groups using independent t-test (for continuous variables). The entire cohort are also summarised in the ‘Total’ column. CT-derived annulus area and perimeter refer to the aortic valve annulus.

  • *P<0.05 (statistical significance)

  • MG, mean gradient; TAVI, transcatheter aortic valve implantation.