Table 3

Comparison of atrial volumes and function in all study subjects (n=59)—a sensitivity analysis based on right-to-left shunt

Right-to-left shunt*P value
No (n=51)Yes (n=8)
RA volume max, mL/m259 (47.7–65.2)56.8 (50.3–64.4)0.965
RA volume min, mL/m227.7 (24.3–33.8)33.7 (28–35.2)0.241
RA expansion index, %98.5±29.581.9±15.90.030
RAA volume max, mL/m217.1 (13.7–21.7)18.6 (16.1–24)0.341
RAA volume min, mL/m28.1 (6.3–10.1)10.3 (9.1–11.1)0.084
RAA expansion index, %105.6±24.184.7±180.022
LA volume max, mL/m244.3±7.946.5±5.10.452
LA volume min, mL/m217.5 (16.4–20.4)23.1 (19.4–24.2)0.019
LA expansion index, %140.1±33.7109.8±18.60.017
LAA volume max, mL/m27.2 (5.3–9.9)6 (3.8–7.3)0.535
LAA volume min, mL/m22.2 (1.3–3.7)2.9 (1.5–4.1)0.160
LAA expansion index, %229.1 (151.8–337.5)102.9 (65.6–121.7)0.002
  • Values are mean±SD or median (IQR). Expansion indices are calculated as (maximal volume–minimal volume) x 100%/minimal volume. P-values, see Statistics section for sensitivity analysis.

  • Statistically significant associations (P<0.05) denoted in bold.

  • *Shunt defined as moderate-to-severe and evaluated with transoesophageal echocardiography in patients (n=29) and transcranial Doppler in controls (n=30).

  • †One subject had missing data.

  • LA, left atrium; LAA, left atrial appendage; Qp/Qs, the ratio of total pulmonary to total systemic blood flow; RA, right atrium; RAA, right atrial appendage.