Table 1

Participant demographics of diagnostic subgroups

Diagnostic subgroupExamples of diagnoses includedParticipants (%)Male
Age years
Weight SDS
Height SDS
EST duration (min)
Minutes of daily MVPA
Average daily step count
(no intervention)
ASD, VSD, pulmonary stenosis, aortic stenosis,
30 (18)17 (57)8.56±1.430.04±0.890.06±0.87−0.01±1.076.39±2.1155.79±29.8710 200±3824
Acyanotic correctedASD, VSD, pulmonary stenosis, coarctation61 (37)38 (62)8.14±1.460.18±1.190.08±1.130.23±1.126.17±1.9049.22±29.099270±2582
Cyanotic correctedTAPVC, TGA, truncus arteriosus, tetralogy of Fallot, pulmonary atresia45 (28)27 (60)8.66±1.59−0.15±1.43−1.11±1.08−0.09±1.395.99±1.9240.60±21.368408±2092
Cyanotic palliatedHypoplastic left heart, RV hypoplasia, tricuspid atresia27 (17)16 (59)8.44±1.63−0.79±1.11−0.88±1.08−0.36±1.184.54±1.8834.48±23.678665±2961
  • ASD, atrial septal defect; BMI, body mass index; EST, exercise stress test; MVPA, moderate to vigorous physical activity; RV, right ventricle; SDS, SD score; TAPVC, total anomalous pulmonary venous connections; TGA, transposition of great arteries; VSD, ventricular septal defect.