Table 2

Summary of ANOVA and post hoc results for growth parameter comparisons across subgroups

Weight SDS
Acyanotic no intervention0.040.894.220.007
Acyanotic corrected0.181.19
Cyanotic corrected−0.151.43
Cyanotic palliated−0.791.11
Height SDS
Acyanotic no intervention0.060.87
Acyanotic corrected0.081.13
Cyanotic corrected−0.111.08
Cyanotic palliated−0.881.085.610.001
Subgroup comparisonP value95% CI
Weight SDS
Cyanotic palliated versus
Acyanotic no intervention0.01−1.46 to −0.20
Acyanotic corrected<0.001−1.52 to −0.42
Cyanotic corrected0.03−1.22 to −0.07
Height SDS
Cyanotic palliated versus
Acyanotic no intervention0.001−1.50 to −0.38
Acyanotic corrected<0.001−1.45 to −0.48
Cyanotic corrected0.003−1.28 to −0.26
  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; SDS, SD score.