Table 6

Comparison of thrombin generation-, surrogate platelet activity and hepatic dysfunction outcome between the major-bleeding and minor-bleeding group

Thrombing generationMajor bleedingMinor bleedingP value
Mean (SD)Mean (SD)
 ETP1011.06 (±138.44)1218.25 (±74.33)0.109
 Peak252.86 (±90.91)321.81 (±55.06)0.248*
 Time to peak4.75 (±0.35)4.41 (±0.32)0.374*
 Velocity index117.00 (±58.79)158.06 (±32.50)0.373
 Alpha-2 level8.91 (±4.11)19.84 (±5.63)0.083*
Platelet activity markers
 P-selectin level32.642 (±4.624)29.912 (±5.699)0.564*
 PF4 level130.115 (±0)351.351 (±312.875)0.48*
Hepatic dysfunction
 Fibro-scan29.3 (±17.5)21.3 (±8.5)0.564*
 Fibro-test score0.471 (±0)0.692 (±0.24)0.587
 MELD-XI score10.05 (±4.74)9.23 (±2.52)0.811
  • *Differences between groups were anaylysed using an independent-samples t-test. If the normality assumption was severely violated, a Mann-Whitney U test was used. Values marked by an asterisk were analysed by use of the Mann-Whitney U test.

  • ETP, endogenous thrombin potential; MELD-XI, model for end-stage liver disease excluding international normalised ratio; PF4, platelet factor 4.