Table 3

Correlations between peak TnT, AUCs of TnT and neutrophil cell count, and NETs markers the first 3 days after randomisation

Peak TnT
Total populationPlacebo (n=59)Tocilizumab (n=58)
rP valuerP valuerP value
H3Cit AUC0.0430.693−0.0730.6320.0970.551
dsDNA AUC0.350.0010.4440.0020.2260.161
MPO–DNA AUC−0.1660.134−0.1810.239−0.1910.243
H3Cit AUC0.1050.2610.1360.3040.1950.143
dsDNA AUC0.412<0.00010.528<0.00010.3090.018
MPO–DNA AUC−0.1280.172−0.1590.234−0.0450.737
Neutrophil AUC
H3Cit AUC0.2260.0150.2030.1230.0230.865
dsDNA AUC0.1450.1200.3330.0100.0200.883
MPO–DNA AUC0.0130.8870.0230.8620.1280.345
  • Significant values are marked in bold.

  • AUC, area under the curve; dsDNA, double-stranded DNA; H3Cit, citrullinated histone 3; MPO–DNA, myeloperoxidase–DNA; NETs, neutrophil extracellular traps; TnT, troponin T.