Table 7

Correlation of markers for hepatic dysfunction with thrombin generation and platelet activity markers

ETPLag timePeakTime to peakVelocity indexStart of tailAlpha-2 levelP-selectin levelPF4 level
MELD-XI scoreCorrelation0.0730.1310.0230.198*−0.0510.171*−0.065−0.088−0.127
P value0.5400.1420.7860.0250.6690.0450.4410.3080.189
Median KPACorrelation−0.1380.125−0.174*0.124−0.177*0.127−0.155−0.010−0.055
P value0.1010.1600.0380.1540.0350.1310.0650.9070.576
Fibrotest scoreCorrelation−0.1740.090−0.1080.156−0.2180.1540.083−0.094−0.201*
P value0.1880.3400.2260.0930.0970.0870.3530.2980.046
  • *Correlations between variables were analysed using a Pearson’s r. If the normality assumption of either variable was violated, a Kendall’s tau coefficient was used to analyse correlations between variables. Values marked by an asterisk were analysed by use of the Kendall’s tau coefficient.

  • ETP, endogenous thrombin potential; MELD-XI, model for end-stage liver disease excluding international normalised ratio; PF4, platelet factor 4.