Table 2

The effect of the interaction of pre-excitation/post-excitation class (PC) with FUSION and NO FUSION

1777±48 mm Hg/s*↑762±48 mm Hg/s
2776±48 mm Hg/s*↑787±48 mm Hg/s*↑
3729±48 mm Hg/s*↓775±48 mm Hg/s* ↑
4702±48 mm Hg/s*↓751±48 mm Hg/s (Ref.)
  • Interaction between FUSION and NO FUSION and PC. The arrows indicate deviation compared with Ref. Correction for AV-delay did not significantly influence the model. Numbers are estimated marginal means±SEM.

  • *P<0.01 compared with NO FUSION PC 4 (Ref.).