Table 1

Baseline characteristics

Haemodynamic and electrical measures
Paced rateQRS durationAV-delayLV dP/dtmax
Atrial paced (both groups)76±12/ min
171±10 ms*
223±22 ms*
657±159 mm Hg/s*
NO FUSION77±12/ min
155±14 ms
168±36 ms*
776±205 mm Hg/s*
FUSION76±12/ min
157±19 ms
195±35 ms
754±204 mm Hg/s
  • The table includes the pooled data with all pacing modes and VV-delays. Values are mean±SD. Significance are based on linear mixed models with estimated marginal means not presented in the table. Abbreviations: AV-delay: atrioventricular-delay, VV-delay: Interventricular delay.

  • *P<0.01 compared with the other groups.