Table 2

Multivariable logistic regression model with in-hospital mortality as dependent variable and the guideline-recommended cut-off level of contact-to-balloon time (≤90 min) for four groups of symptom onset as independent variable adjusted to the indicated confounders

VariableOR95% CIP value
Symptom-onset-to-first-medical-contact time (S2C) groups
 Group 1 (S2C≤1 hour)0.5550.456 to 0.675<0.0001
 Group 2 (1 hour<S2C≤2 hours)0.8030.560 to 1.151
 Group 3 (2 hours<S2C≤6 hours)0.7690.558 to 1.060
 Group 4 (6 hours<S2C≤24 hours)0.7620.509 to 1.142
Age (year)1.0541.047 to 1.062<0.0001
Female gender1.3951.200 to 1.622<0.0001
Hypertension0.7850.676 to 0.9110.0014
Diabetes mellitus1.3841.170 to 1.6360.0001
Family history0.6360.498 to 0.8120.0003
Smoker0.7580.641 to 0.8970.0012
Previous stroke1.4421.101 to 1.8900.0079
Renal failure1.5521.231 to 1.9560.0002
No of coronary arteries narrowed
 0 versus LMCA0.1710.030 to 0.9710.0462
 one versus LMCA0.4910.276 to 0.9020.0219
 two versus LMCA0.5510.301 to 1.0070.0528
 three versus LMCA0.6040.332 to 1.1000.0992
ECG (STEMI site)
 Inferior versus anterior0.6420.488 to 0.8440.0015
 LBBB versus anterior0.7470.460 to 1.2130.2383
 Lateral versus anterior0.5340.365 to 0.7830.0013
Chronic total occlusion in NIRA
 RCA1.6821.289 to 2.1940.0001
 RCX1.7221.286 to 2.3060.0003
 LAD1.4681.106 to 1.9490.0079
 Graft versus LAD1.3130.726 to 2.3750.3674
 LMCA versus LAD2.0311.266 to 3.2600.0033
 RCA versus LAD1.0430.780 to 1.3950.775
 LCX versus LAD1.2450.932 to 1.6630.1374
TIMI angiographic flow grade after PCI (Score ≤2 vs 3)4.0533.361 to 4.887<0.0001
  • Data are presented as ORs and their 95% CI.

  • CABG, coronary artery bypass grafting; cath. lab, catheterisation laboratory; CTO, chronic total occlusion; ECG, electrocardiogram; ECMO, extracorporeal membrane oxygenation; EMS, emergency medical service; IABP, intra-aortic balloon pump; LAD, left anterior descending artery; LBBB, left bundle branch block; LCA, left coronary artery; LCX, left circumflex artery; LMCA, left main coronary artery; MI, myocardial infarction; NIRA, non-infarct-related arteries; OHCA, out-of-hospital cardiac arrest; RCA, right coronary artery; TIMI, Thrombolysis In Myocardial Infarction score.