Table 3

Precision of size determination of the LAA ostium depending on the use of UCA in the total cohort of patients and in patients with bilobar LAA morphology, respectively

TOE viewMeasured difference of LAA ostium without UCA (mm)Measured difference of LAA ostium with UCA (mm)P value
All patients (N=223)
 All views (N=715)0.97±4.221.83±3.81<0.001
 0o (N=144)1.35±5.011.42±4.480.871
 45o (N=200)0.42±3.621.54±3.29<0.001
 90o (N=199)1.04±3.871.89±3.450.002
 135o (N=172)1.22±4.532.42±4.080.004
Patients with bilobar LAA (N=86)
 All views (N=305)0.96±4.231.54±4.050.038
 0o (N=63)0.90±4.780.89±4.780.989
 45o (N=84)0.57±3.711.27±3.350.093
 90o (N=83)1.15±4.161.78±3.610.133
 135o (N=75)1.33±4.402.11±4.520.242
  • Shown are the differences of the size of the LAA ostium as measured by two independent operators with or without UCA.

  • LAA, left atrial appendage; TOE, transoesophageal echocardiography; UCA, ultrasound contrast agent.