Table 2

Changes in overall physical activity for 4 valid days of wearing accelerometer at 12- month follow-up between participants randomised to usual practice (control) or to structured education (intervention)

No of participantsMean change from baselineAdjusted difference at follow-up*
ControlInterventionCoefficient (95% CI)P value
Complete case analysis†
Overall physical activity (mg/day)130115−0.28−0.38−0.23 (−1.22 to 0.75)0.642
Intention to treat analysis‡
Overall physical activity (mg/day)146145−0.28−0.41−0.25 (−1.23 to 0.74)0.622
Per protocol analysis§
Overall physical activity (mg/day)130103−0.28−0.29−0.16 (−1.18 to 0.86)0.759
  • *Adjusted for stratification factors: sex and ethnicity; change from baseline in accelerometer wear time and baseline value of outcome.

  • †Participants with missing outcome data or missing variables required for the model adjustment were excluded.

  • ‡Missing data imputed using multiple imputation.

  • §Participants who did not engage with at least one group session of the programme have been excluded from the intervention arm.