Table 3

Exploratory analysis to investigate the change in physical activity stratified by baseline MVPA <150 min/week (low activity) versus MVPA Embedded Image min/week (high activity) in the intervention group participants

Mean change from baselineAdjusted difference for mean change from baseline*P value
MVPA ≥150 mins/wk (n=75)MVPA <150 mins/wk (n=68)Coefficient (95% CI)
Overall physical activity (mg/day)−0.740.070.83 (−0.68 to 2.34)0.279
 Mean at baseline27.2318.88
 Mean at 12 months25.9118.9
Intensity of the most active 30 mins (mg/day)−5.522.427.91 (−1.53 to 17.36)0.1
 Mean at baseline86.2851.93
 Mean at 12 months79.7554.76
MVPA (1 min bouts) (mins/day)− (0.99 to 15.10)0.026
 Mean at baseline46.679.63
 Mean at 12 months40.5111.72
Sedentary/inactive time per day (min)1.8213.0211.77 (−21.44 to 44.98)0.484
 Mean at baseline729.65802.57
 Mean at 12 months734.55802.44
Sleep duration per night (mins)−0.9−13.15−14.03 (−34.48 to 6.42)0.177
 Mean at baseline370.17376.4
 Mean at 12 months370.66371.63
  • *Adjusted for change from baseline in accelerometer wear time. Reference group: MVPA ≥150.

  • MVPA, Moderate to vigorous physical activity based on the 1 min bout baseline data.