Table 4

Mapped health state utilities

PopulationNSF-36 mean dimension scoreMapped EQ-5D*Mapped EQ-5D as a % of reference valueSource
General populationvan Dijk et al, 200623
Male97685797772868679720.859N/A; baseline
Female76680747270827974640.812N/A; baseline
People with unexplained syncope
People with syncope recurrence vs non-recurrenceBarĂ³n-Esquivias et al, 200525
With recurrence33851006157876656450.75585%
Without recurrence13490100797210010072600.886Reference
Baseline1679010072628810068650.834NA; baseline
Older people with limitations vs no limitations in activities of daily living resulting from fallingRodrigues et al, 201329
Not suffered a fall134076807772858878730.822N/A; baseline
With limitations5255586067677271630.66080%
Without limitations3972787074808872670.76994%
  • *Mapped using the algorithm described by Ara and Brazier 2008.24

  • BP, bodily pain; GH, general health; MH, mental health; NA, not applicable; PF, physical functioning; RE, role emotional; RP, role physical; SF, social functioning; V, vitality.