Table 5

Base case results for CONV and ICM

ComparatorTotal costsTotal QALYsΔ costsΔ QALYsICERNMB*
(WTP=US$100 000)
CONVUS$41 6445.7307BaselineBaselineBaselineUS$531 424
ICMUS$37 1116.0313US$4532−0.3007DominatesUS$566 021
  • *Net monetary benefit (NMB) is a summary statistic that represents the value of an intervention in monetary terms given the willingness-to-pay per unit of benefit (for example, a QALY). NMB is calculated as: (benefit x willingness to pay threshold) - cost. A larger NMB value indicates greater cost-effectiveness of the intervention.

  • CONV, conventional testing; ICER, incremental cost-effectiveness ratio; ICM, insertable cardiac monitor; NMB, net monetary benefit; QALY, quality-adjusted life years; WTP, willingness-to-pay threshold.